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I have a Spray.io directive that handles a POST and I want to use Jerkson (scala interface for Jackson) to parse the incoming JSON into the appropriate class.

post {
        path("") {
          entity(as[String]) { stuff =>
              complete {

The issue is that when I go to compile, Spray goes looking for a Marshaller:

    [error] C:\project\src\main\scala\com\project\AccountService\controllers\Users.scala:53: 
could not find implicit value for evidence parameter of type
    [error]                     parse[User](stuff)
    [error]                                ^
    [error] one error found

Do I need to write a custom Marhsaller for this? Or is my directive not written properly? And if I do need one, any good examples out there?


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This managed to get the job done:

post {
        path("") {
          entity(as[String]) { body =>
            val user = parse[User](body)

Looks like since I wasn't returning a string in the complete it started looking for a Marshaller to Marshall my User object.

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