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I have an XML document that I need to pull data from. I'm basically creating a schedule. I already have a variable, $timeToFind that I have incrementing from "7:00am" to "10:00pm" by half hours. I also have a way to calculate the length of time that the event is.

I need to use some method to check at $timeToFind if any events are found on Monday (mon). If found, echo a div containing the time and type, else, echo an empty div.

$xml = simplexml_load_string('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <name>Person 1</name>
            <event type="work" start="8:00am" end="12:00pm">
                <title>Work at McDonalds</title>
            <description>Go to work and get free food.</description>
        <event type="classs" start="12:30pm" end="2:30pm">
            <title>English Class</title>
            <description>Go to English class in Room 219.</description>

$dayStart = 7;
$dayEnd = 22.5;
$hoursInDay = $dayEnd - $dayStart;

for ($i=$dayStart; $i<=$dayEnd; $i+=.5) {

// if it happens to be 1:00 (13), keep the $current variable non-military
if($i >= 13){
    $current = $i-12;
}else {
    $current = $i;

// $i >= 12, then it's PM, else AM
if($i >= 12){
    $timeToFind = $timeToFind . "pm";
}else {
    $timeToFind = $timeToFind . "am";

$nodes = $xml->xpath(sprintf('/mon/event[@type="%s"]', $timeToFind));

if (!empty($nodes)) {
    printf('Time "%s" found!! <br> ', $timeToFind);
} else {
    printf('Time "%s" Not found. <br> ', $timeToFind);
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I would strongly advise not doing your "non-military" hack: it will make things harder for you.

Have a look here http://www.php.net/manual/en/class.simplexmlelement.php#103614

for some code that uses simplexml to parse an xml data structure. You will need to read the xml into some structure before you can do your schedule loop.



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