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For some reason the following gitolite.conf does not add any repository to projects.list. When I set 'R = gitweb' for each repository manually, they get added to projects.list.


repo aaa
repo bbb

repo @all
    RW+ = @admins
    R = gitweb


Any hints for me? I'd really like to allow gitweb access to all repositories and then remove permissions for a single repositories via '- = gitweb' ...

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I don't actually need gitweb rules or project.list to be complete in my gitweb setup:
I only make sure I have a gitweb.conf.pl which:

  • will be called by gitweb (through the gitweb_config.perl file, called if gitweb detects it exists)
  • will call gitolite to see if the access to a repo can be granted or should be denied.
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Thanks, I think I'll just go that way then. –  keks Feb 7 '13 at 23:36

I just ran into the similar problem, but the resolution was different :

In gitolite3, it seems that if you simply see a gitweb.* property, then your repository is gitweb enabled:

repo foobar
  desc = "Foobar repository"
  category = "foobar"
  Rw+= myself

Or if you prefer :

repo foobar
  config gitweb.description = "Foobar repository"
  config gitweb.category = "foobar"
  Rw+= myself

I don't know if it works with a @all, like:

repo @all
  category= "uncategorized"

But since a description or (valid) category is not a bad thing to have, I'd say it works for me.

On the other hand, I tried also making an @almost-all group with all my repositories except gitolite-admin, except I don't know if it works because of gitweb.description/category config.

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