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I have a problem with recurrence. I'm not able to define a recurrence for all months, only the first saturday

I have this code:

var bck_startdate = new Date("January 7, 2012 22:00"); 
var bck_enddate = new Date("January 7, 2012 23:00"); 
var cal_event=cal_netbackup.createEventSeries("TEST,bck_startdate,bck_enddate,eventRecurrence,{description:"TEST_DESCRPT"});

But the result is all weeks on saturday. If I enter on eventserie directly on calendar and I press weekday it works fine.

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You can ensure it's only the first Saturday of the month by limiting the days of the month to the first seven.

var recurrence = CalendarApp.newRecurrence().addMonthlyRule()
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