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For example

class A : public QObject

    void f(int);
    void f();

A a;
QAction action(0);

connect(&action, &QAction::triggered, &a, &A::f); // error because 2 f functions.

How to overcome it besides renaming one of the 2 overloaded functions? Thanks.

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QT5 still supports the "old" way of connecting using complete prototypes:

connect((&action, SIGNAL(triggered()), &a, SLOT(f(int));


connect((&action, SIGNAL(triggered()), &a, SLOT(f());

EDIT: using the new way can be done with a cast (have not tried it myself):

connect((&action, &QAction::triggered, &a, static_cast<void (A::*)(int)>(&A::f));
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How about if keep using the new feature? Does the first statement works? Seem it requires the argument match between signals and slots. –  user1899020 Feb 5 '13 at 23:28

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