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I use scala 2.9.1, Play Framework 2.0.4, Spring 3.2.0, Spring Data 2.1.0 and neo4j 1.8.

I've got this model object:

package models

import java.lang.{String, Long}
import org.springframework.data.neo4j.annotation.{Indexed, NodeEntity, GraphId}

    class Article(_title: String) {

      @GraphId var id: Long = _     //causes the error !!

      @Indexed val title: String = _title

      def this() {
        this("no title")

      override def hashCode(): Int = {
        41 * title.hashCode

      override def equals(other: Any): Boolean = {
        other match {
          case that: Article => (that canEqual this) && ((this.id == that.id) && (this.title == that.title))
          case _ => false

      def canEqual(other: Any) = other.isInstanceOf[Article]

Before, I used Scala 2.10 with Play Framework 2.1-RC2 and the same version of Spring Data, nothing bad happened and I never touched the code since (it's a personal project).

I've got this error:

MappingException: Setting property `bitmap$init$0` to null on models.Article@466b9021

I found this similar post explaining (especially in the comments) that it seems that anterior scala version to 2.10.0 causes the issue.

Has anyone come across this issue? How could I fix it?

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Sorry I couldn't help. I've deleted my answer to avoid misinformation. –  Daniel C. Sobral Feb 6 '13 at 1:42
@Daniel C. Sobral No problem Daniel, I've just tested again with Scala 2.10 without touching any of my code, and it works pretty well. I guess it is a "bug" with pre-2.10 scala's version as the other question evokes it. Anyway, thanks :) –  Mik378 Feb 6 '13 at 2:07

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