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I wish to plot a matrix (temp_matrix) after converting it to a raster object (tempMap). Further, I wish to add few points whose latitude and longitude locations are available to me on the same plot window. I have tried few approaches but none seems to work since the points available are specific locations in lat/long while the raster object I am getting has a different extent. Please help me with this issue. Given below is the sample data for the problem.

temp_matrix[8,]<-c( NA,NA,NA,NA,NA,NA,NA,0,0,0,-1)
plot(raster(temp_matrix),axes = FALSE,legend=FALSE)
tempMap <- raster(temp_matrix)

# plot the points over this raster layer
point_1<-c(10,10) # should appear on 2nd row from top i.e. over temp_matrix[2,10]
point_2<-c(9,10)  # should appear on 3rd row from top i.e. over temp_matrix[3,10]
point_3<-c(1,10)  # should appear on lowermost row i.e.over temp_matrix[11,10]
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You need to set your desired extent, not rely on the default values.

As the help for raster states

## S4 method for signature 'matrix'
raster(x, xmn=0, xmx=1, ymn=0, ymx=1, crs=NA, template=NULL)


  • xmn :: minimum x coordinate (left border)

  • xmx :: maximum x coordinate (right border)

  • ymn :: minimum y coordinate (bottom border)

  • ymx :: maximum y coordinate (top border)

You can set xmn, xmx, ymn and ymx to the values you wish (1, 11, 1, 11) in this case)

tempMap <- raster(temp_matrix, xmn = 1, xmx = 11, ymn = 1, ymx=11)
plot(tempMap,axes = FALSE,legend=FALSE)
points(c(10,9,1), c(10,10,10))

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this does work for the sample code, however, the original matrix has a dimension (37,72) and when I try to change its extent, the resolution also changes and deforms the original plot. Default resolution is: 0.01388889, 0.02702703 (x, y) while the new resolution comes out to be: 0.5138889, 1.945946 (x,y). Any idea how can I keep the resolution same or reset it while changing the extent. Thanks in advance. tempMap <- raster(diffMat,xmn=-14.5,xmx=22.5,ymn=-36,ymx=36) – Munish Feb 6 '13 at 1:03
I think you have your x and y reversed. With some dummy data (a 37 row, 72 column matrix called m), raster(m,ymn=-14.5,ymx=22.5,xmn=-36,xmx=36) gives a raster with resolution 1,1 – mnel Feb 6 '13 at 1:19
I reversed them with the assumption that 37 rows should correspond to 37 partitions on y axis although they represent latitudes and similar logic for longitudes dividing x-axis into 72 parts. Although I am still thinking of proper explanation in theory and resolution issue also exists on my machine BUT your answer helped in understanding the concept of raster-extent and plot the points at desired location. THANKS :) – Munish Feb 7 '13 at 1:20
The conventions for rows/columns are (annoyingly) different, and perhaps inconsistent in images and matrices. See library(fortunes);fortune(143) – mnel Feb 7 '13 at 1:27

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