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Consider the case where an assembly contains one or more types attributed with a custom attribute MyAttribute and you need to get a list of these types. Is there any benefit of using IsDefined vs. GetCustomAttributes aside from the more compact syntax? Does one expose/hide something that the other doesn't? Is one more efficient than the other?

Here is a code sample demonstrating each usage:

Assembly assembly = ...
var typesWithMyAttributeFromIsDefined = 
        from type in assembly.GetTypes()
        where type.IsDefined(typeof(MyAttribute), false)
        select type;

var typesWithMyAttributeFromGetCustomAttributes = 
        from type in assembly.GetTypes()
        let attributes = type.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(MyAttribute), false)
        where attributes != null && attributes.Length > 0
        select type;
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It would take trawling through lots of classes to answer this question definitively, but yes, there are (slight) performance considerations between a method that returns a bool and a method that returns a new array (the singular GetCustomAttribute goes through GetCustomAttributes). Looking at the code, it appears that the costs are more significant than just that difference, though as always, you should profile to determine whether this is a difference you care about. –  Kirk Woll Feb 5 '13 at 23:59

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Done a quick test with the two methods and it seems IsDefined is a lot faster than GetCustomAttributes

200000 iterations

IsDefined average Ticks = 54
GetCustomAttributes average Ticks = 114

Hope this helps :)

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