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I'm getting getting several "unexpected token <" errors when I try to create a dynamic route. Normal routes work fine. So if I set the following route:

    templateUrl: 'views/user/new', 
    controller: "addUserCtrl"

The request goes to the server and gets caught by my express catch all route handler, then angular kicks in and requests express' api route, api/user, binds data, controller and template and I see a nice page. Everything works fine. No errors.

If I try to create a dynamic route or a route with more depth, I get the unexpected token error, when I try to request that route:

    templateUrl: 'views/user/new', 
    controller: "addUserCtrl"

For example, when I request /user/3, i get the error, and it the addUserCtrl is never called. Any ideas what could be causing this.

    templateUrl: 'views/user/new', 
    controller: "addUserCtrl"

requesting /user/show will also throw the error. In the console the error shows up next to the request for all of angular files (angular.js, App.js, services.js, controllers.js, filters.js, directives.js) that I load in the body of my index.html.

I've noticed that this problem happens whenever I add more than one slash to the route. If I try /user/show, I can see the following requests:


   syntax errors for the below:

If I try /abc/def, I will get the following request:


    syntax errors for the below:
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It's possibly because /user/show and /user/:id conflict? Try getting rid of one. –  Andrew Joslin Feb 6 '13 at 0:25
Unfortunately, that's not the issues because I was actually replacing /user/:id with /user/show. I remove all routes and have only one. In fact, I removed all routes and still got the syntax error unexpected toekn error, which makes it more confusing. if I try something like /abc/def it will give me the error. When ever I enter two or more slashes in the route, I get the error. –  atentaten Feb 6 '13 at 0:43

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The templateUrl needs to be absolute else Express will choke if there is more than one slash/level of depth in the url:

  templateUrl: '/views/user/new', /* add slash */
  controller: "addUserCtrl"
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I had the same issue and just as atentaten describes the problem was caused by relative paths to js-files. However, it has nothing to do with Express. It can just as well be caused by relative include paths from script tags in the head of a html file. So, to clarify, I changed my HTML from:

<script src="bower_components/angular/angular.js"></script>


<script src="/bower_components/angular/angular.js"></script>
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Apparently this is not really an angular issue, but an express issue.

The problem was that the beginning slashes were missing from my angular js includes in my index.jade:


I changed them to this:


And the errors went away. Although the js loaded without the starting slash, it was still causing a problem with express, creating the syntax error, which probably broke angular, but I'm not sure exactly why.

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