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This was the question I had a day or two ago and it was surprisingly difficult to answer, so I will post here, with answer, inviting anyone to augment my answer or provide a better one.

The github repositories for vcap-services and cf-release don't contain the blobs for those services; for example, the redis-2.6.2.tar.gz file, while referenced in cf-release/packages/redis26/spec, isn't anywhere in the repositories. That is as it should be - those tar files don't belong up in github. During a bosh deploy they are synced into my cf-release/blobs directory. But from where?

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The question came up for me when I was getting ready to put into a github repository all of the bits and pieces for a custom system service we were adding to our internal cloud foundry cloud. Where should I put the blobs so that my colleague can clone and deploy our cf-release without ugly steps to drop blobs into certain places?

As already mentioned, during a bosh deploy, you can see the blobs syncing. Well, if you are using the cf-release with few changes, it will pull them down from a public blobstore (at this time of writing and Atmos one) found at You can find this configuration in the cf-release/config/final.yml file.

The answer to the question of where to put OUR blobs is a bit more involved and it seems from this that "composite releases" are part of the answer - but that's another topic.

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