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I am using jQuery Masonry and I'm trying to update the column width depending on the window width. I have this working without any issues with the simple boolean:

columnWidth: $(document).width() > 1280 ? 380 : 260

I've tried several different ways of writing an else if type of statement so that I can configure different values at multiple (3+) breakpoints, but I keep coming up short. I tried the following, but it did not work:

var colWidth;
if ($(window).width() <= 599) { colWidth = 180; } 
else if ($(window).width() >= 600) { colWidth = 240; }
else if ($(window).width() >= 1280) { colWidth = 380; }

columnWidth: colWidth,

Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

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One working, but not nice solution is to recreate the masonry, if needed:

function getColWidth() {
    return (window.innerWidth <= 500) ? 62 : 75;

window.onresize = attemptSetColWidth;

var prevWidth = getColWidth();
function setColWidth() {
    if(prevWidth == getColWidth()) return;
    $container = $('.productContainer').masonry({
        columnWidth: getColWidth(),
        gutter: 10,
    prevWidth = getColWidth();

var timeOutId;
function attemptSetColWidth() {
    timeOutId = setTimeout(setColWidth, 500);
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A better solution is provided here: – Gundon Jul 25 '13 at 22:55

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