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I have been trying to display the info window of a marker outside of a click event. I know you can do this using


My problem is getting the marker in the first place. I have tried something to the effect of:

Marker marker;

//then later
marker = mMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions()
             .position(new LatLng(0, 0))
             .title("Hello world"));

//then later
if (condition)

To me this looks right but when I implement it no window appears. When I was debugging, it looked like the id of marker was different to the id of the "same" marker passed into onMarkerClick(Marker marker)

So either is there something I am missing OR is there a better way to retrieve the marker? (It doesn't seem to make sense that there isn't a method along the lines of mMap.getMarkers() or mMap.findMarkerById())

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Awkwardly what I have here actually does work fine. My issue was that I had code critical to my infoWindow generation in my onMarkerClick() method and as such needed to pull it out of there into a method so I could call it in both places.

So any future googlers, my code is a solution of you need it - although you can probably work it out without googling

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