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I'm trying to draw a line over an ImageView but whenever I try it using Canvas, I have to reload the Bitmap, which is not my intention. Is there a way to simply draw a line on an uploaded ImageView using Canvas without having to refresh the Image? Or another way to draw lines over Android ImageView?

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Or, if you want to be able to draw any lines (rects, ovals, etc), subclass ImageView into your own ImageView and do the drawing yourself.

public class MyImageView extends ImageView {
    Paint linePaint = new Paint();

    protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas) {

        // And draw your line.
        // (Be sure to have set the values/fields in linePaint earlier so that you draw the correct line/type/size/etc).
        canvas.drawLine(0, getHeight()/2, getWidth(), getHeight()/2, linePaint);


And in your layout xml, don't specify <ImageView .../>, but specify <com.mycompany.project.widget.MyImageView ... /> instead.

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That works perfectly! I was adding canvas.drawColor(Color.BLACK) on my onDraw method. That's why my ImageView was "reloading everytime". My bad! – Felipe Mosso Feb 6 '13 at 1:14

The way that I draw lines in Android is by creating a View with height or width of 1dp. Then set the other value to whatever you want and set the color.

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