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I don't know how to do the if check condition inside my list,i believe "Lambda Expressions" my help but don't know

here is my code

   List<ResourceBookingEntity> ResourceBookingList = new List<ResourceBookingEntity>();
        foreach (var r in query)
            ResourceBookingEntity RecourceEntity = new ResourceBookingEntity()

                PRJ_ID = r.PRJ_ID,
                SAPCCr = // If r.PRJ_ID =1 or 2 then SAPCCr =r.WONUM 
                         // elseif r.PRJ_ID= 3then SAPCCr =r.JOBDESC

Here what am trying to do,i have linq query that returns a result based on r.PRJ.ID value am trying to fill SAPCCr value.

   If r.PRJ_ID =1 or 2 then 
   elseif r.PRJ_ID= 3

Thanks in Advance

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You can chain conditional operators:

SAPCCr = (r.PRJ_ID == 1 || r.PRJ_ID == 2) ?  r.WONUM :  
         r.PRJ_ID == 3 ?  r.JOBDESC : null;
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i think you're looking for the conditional operator:

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thanks a lot ob. exactly am looking this one but the problem is i have more than one codition and forgot to add it in my question.updated my question with the condition. –  Usher Feb 6 '13 at 1:05
@Usher rather than making your code unreadable by trying to do this inline, consider writing a function to return the value you want SAPCCr = GetValueFromResult(r); –  ob. Feb 6 '13 at 1:17
that make sense ob,thanks a lot again –  Usher Feb 6 '13 at 1:20

Assuming types are compatible, what's wrong with the ternary conditional operator?

SAPCCr = ((r.PRJ_ID == 1) ? r.WONUM : r.JOBDESC );
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