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I really like the HTML tag which makes it really easy to see which label stands for which input element by checking its 'for' attribute. You know, something like:

	<label for="txtInput"> Enter your name</label>
	<input type="text" id="txtInput" />

Is it possible to do something similar in asp.net Label control so that I can see it stands for what input control? I could not see an attribute for that. Without extending the control?


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<asp:label AssociatedControlID="textbox1" runat="server" id="lblOne" />
<asp:textbox id="textbox1" runat="server" />

Not tested but along those lines...

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a few capitalization issues...but still a good answer –  Chris Shouts Sep 24 '09 at 14:21

If you set the AssociatedControlID property of the <asp:Label> control it will write out an HTML <label> instead of a <span>

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AssociatedControlID works in .net 2+ in earlier versions you need to do something like the following:

<label for="<%=textbox1.ClientID %>">label text</label><asp:textbox id="textbox1" runat="server" />
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