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Some discussion threads have mentioned about out-of-order execution of Java code, however they do not explictly claim that JVM executes byte codes out-of-order. So I wonder if it is true; and if it is, is there an (official) technical document about the topic?


Edit: I understand that CPU executes instructions out-of-order, but I wish to know whether JVM itself executes byte codes out-of-order.

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JVMS explains this topic. In general, JVM is free to do some sort of reordering of the bytecode, which may produce unexpected behavior in multithreaded applications.

For single-threaded application and every single thread the reordering does not affect the behavior and program/thread execution is same as you expect in source code.

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Probably not; what you likely mean to say is that any re-ordering is constrained to that which will have no effect on the result of single-threaded computation. – Chris Stratton Feb 6 '13 at 1:16
The JVM technically isn't allowed to create "unexpected behaviour". It's just that the sequential effects of some operations in multi-threaded situations are undefined, so the implementation can do what it likes (including some re-ordering) – mikera Feb 6 '13 at 1:16

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