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If I have an object persisted with GORM and the collection in Mongo that it's referencing changes, how can I list those properties? For instance (not my actual use case), I have a class called Toy and it has fields name and price, then somebody adds manufacturer to the db but not the code...

class Toy {
  String name
  Double price

class SomeController {
  def show() {
    def Toy t
    t = Toy.get(1)
    render t['manufacturer'] 

t['manufacturer'] works fine. The call to get loaded all the properties in the database regardless of the class's field definitions, but I (being very new to Groovy) don't know how to list those subscriptable properties to know if something has changed.

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Look at the properties field on the object

t.properties.each { prop, val ->
  println "Property: $prop $val"

But be aware that "metaClass" and "class" are always put there by groovy. A common idom in groovy is:

foo.properties.each { prop, val ->
    if(["metaClass","class"].find {it == prop}) return
    // else do something with the property or value
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I guess what you're really looking for are the dynamic properties set in the underlying mongo DB entity.

Do the following to get their names:

def nativePropertyNames = domainInstance.dbo.keySet()

If you only want the dynamic properties, this will do the trick:

def dynamicPropertyNames = domainInstance.dbo.keySet() - "_id" - domainInstance.properties.keySet() 
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