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Been seeing other posts/articles about having a different codes for ajax calling in drupal 7.

I don't know but, I just wanted to clarify.

For example I have this button

<button onclick="tab_navigation('gates');">Gates</button

And this function

function tab_navigation(data) {
    $.post('ajax/val_nav.php', {last_name: last_name}, function(data) {

Was it wrong? I've made a folder in a directory of my domain website(not on drupal). I've even made a basic page in drupal 7 which called val_nav

function tab_navigation(data) {
    $.post('val_nav', {last_name: last_name}, function(data) {

and my code for ajax/val_nav.php and val_nav basic page in drupal 7


echo "Hello";


So when I clicked the button, no output was shown. What's the better solution for this? Would be glad if you help me.

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I've already read about that, so there's no other alternatives other than that but to study new things. Thanks for the answer though. :) –  Brian Coolidge Feb 6 '13 at 2:10
There are alternatives, but drupal already gives you an easy way to do it. Why do it any other way? –  Matt Feb 6 '13 at 19:28

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