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I use a page controller to do some custom uri routing, everything is working great. Here is a stripped down version of the controller (it uses PHPTAL for templating):

public function index()

public function view($url)

public function _loadView($url) {

   if (file_exists(ROOTPATH.'webroot/'.$url.'/index.html')){


   } else {


The problem - I recently noticed that the following error was showing up in my logs each time the page controller is accessed:

ERROR - 2013-02-06 10:58:23 --> 404 Page Not Found -->

Weird, as the correct view loads just fine, and there is definitely no 404 header or any 404 error in the network panel.

I finally narrowed this down to the show_404() called in the _loadView() function - I found that removing the show_404(); stops the errors from appearing in the log file altogether.

This show_404() should only be executed if an incorrect url is accessed, in which case it should show the 404 error page, which it does. However the logging part of the function appears to be being executed on every call to the page controller, regardless of wether the _loadView() function is called or not.

For example:

I access the index() view in the browser, everything appears to work fine, the correct view file is loaded, there are no errors. However and a 404 error message is logged from the _loadView() function. The _loadView() function isn't even being called from the index() function, yet the existence of its output in the log files indicates that it is being executed.

The odd thing is that show_404() is clearly not being executed, as I am not being shown a 404 error page. If I replace show_404 with redirect('404.html'); or echo 'error';die();` I am not redirected, nor is there any output of the string 'error', which is as to be expected.

So why are the error messages being logged?

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The default behaviour of show_404 is to insert a log entry when its called. There's a second optional parameter to disable it, so if you just want to show the 404 page without logging it call it like this:

show_404('', false);

The first parameter is the string that would be appended after the --> in the logs, so you can leave that empty too.

As for why the _loadView function might be get called:

If you are using urls without the index.php in them (empty $config['index_page']) then every static asset (image, js, css, etc.) that the webserver server can't find (depends on concrete rewrite rules) will be passed to the php script and probably generate a 404 error there.

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Thanks for your answer! I am removing the index.php. But I still don't understand why _loadView() (or any other function for that matter) would be getting called in the index view where there is no reference to it? Also if _loadView is getting called, why then does the show_404 only log the error and not redirect to the errors/error_404.html page? –  Jeemusu Feb 6 '13 at 7:32
show_404() by default wont redirect a request just show the error page. You would only see this if the "original" request got into that route. Try checking the net panel in firebug or network panel in chrome webtools to see if anyting gets a 404 response there. You could try to insert a backtrace next to the show_404 and log it somewhere too to see where did the call come from. –  complex857 Feb 6 '13 at 7:41
There are no 404 responses in my network panel. If I remove the show_404() from my code, I don't get any 404 errors logged. If i insert a backtrace next to the show_404() it never gets executed, nor does any other code I insert (as it should be). I.E. - If i add a echo 'error';die(); It is completely ignored, and the page loads the template/view (as it should do). However if I do a call to show_404(); or log_message('error', 'This is an error');, they appear to be executed despite being functions that haven't been called as their messages are logged to the log files. –  Jeemusu Feb 6 '13 at 7:58
Well, somehow the logging gets invoked. Since "select” Isn’t Broken I would try moving the backtrace/debug logging stuff into the core log_message() function until something useful surfaces itself. –  complex857 Feb 6 '13 at 8:11
Not sure I understand why/how it was occurring and it's relationship to the show_404() call in my controller. But it appears to have been caused by my misspelling of the href attribute for the favicon.icn link tag. Your answer helped a lot! –  Jeemusu Feb 6 '13 at 8:59
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