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I am looking for a better way to toggle Dojo Legends. Unfortunately they are not straight checkboxes, so the only way I got it working was to trigger a click event on the dojo checkbox

Currently I use something like the following:

$('.dojoxLegendText').each(function(index) {
  var lblText = $.trim($(this).text());
  //if statement here to determine if legend should be toggled

My problem with this is the scrolling of the page whilst the legends are toggled. It is not very pleasing for the users.

Anyone have a better alternative, or solution to prevent the scrolling?

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There is a syntax error in your code: Change: var lblText = $.(trim($(this).text()); to: var lblText = $.trim($(this).text()); –  Vohuman Feb 6 '13 at 3:29
Thank you. Have now edited. Typed it wrong in this window. –  Tony Feb 7 '13 at 5:21

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They are dijit checkboxes. Try getting them using

firstcheckbox=dijit.byId("dijit_form_CheckBox_0"); secondcheckbox=dijit.byId("dijit_form_CheckBox_1");

The "dijit_form_CheckBox_0" represents the id of the widget. Dojo gives them out automaticaly , so try to hover over a checkbox using firebug to take a look at the id.

You can uncheck them using:


The better way to get the widgets is to use dojo to get the widgets inside your legend. Take a look here for that:

Is there a way in Dojo to find all widget descendants in a DOM element?

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i've made a function called toggleSeries you can use to toggle the Legends / checkboxes on and off:

function toggleSeries (legend,num) { // legend = SelectableLegend


dijit.findWidgets(legend.legends[num])[0]._onClick(); }

Here is a jsfiddle example:


For more information regarding that function take a look at my lated post on:

Hiding a series by default in a spider plot


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