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I am new in shell-scripting. I want to read 3 lines at a time from a log file. I know how to do it line by line. I tried reading using < three times and calling the script itself from the script, but it did not work. Any help is appreciated.

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One way:

$ while read l1
> do
>    read l2
>    read l3
>    echo line1 is $l1
> done < file
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TCL script to reading 3 lines at a time from a file

set prev_count -1
set fp [open "input-file.txt" "r"]
set num_lines [split [read $fp] \n]
for {set i 2} {$i < [llength $num_lines]} { incr i 3} {
  set line_3 [lrange $num_lines [incr prev_count] $i]
  set prev_count $i
  puts "$line_3\n\n"
  • Open a file to read
  • Split the file using split command
  • use lrange to select the number of lines from a list
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