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Can I, and is it good practice to call Blocks within other Blocks in TPL Dataflow? So if i'm processing an image layer, containing 4 channels (R,G,B,A), the ProcessLayer block feeds all 4 into a ProcessChannel block, and then does something with the output when they're done. Is this kosher or should I be attempting to split the blocks up so that ProcessLayer outputs 4 channels, rather than do the per-channel block posting inside itself?

Context: I'm processing a PSD image file using a custom parser, which is a graph of layers->channels. Synchronously, I iterate through each layer, and through each channel. Said PSD's are sometimes 500mb+ in size, and this was taking forever so I decided to try out TPL Dataflow.

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Could you clarify how exactly would ProcessLayer work? Because there is no direct way of tracking “when they're done” in TDF. Do you mean that each iteration of ProcessLayer would create its own instance of ProcessChannel? –  svick Feb 6 '13 at 9:30

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Dataflow blocks are ideally arranged in a chain with links between them. But when that doesn't work for you, having the body of one block Post messages to 'subsequent' blocks in a pseudo chain is perfectly fine.

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