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Trying to upgrade to 0.6.3, but Pub Manager updates nothing. If you checked the packages directory, you'll find it remains at 0.6.2+2

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Sicne 0.6.3, we rename it to Rikulo UI and the package is renamed to rikulo_ui. Thus, you have to change the dependencies in your pubspec.yaml:

  rikulo_ui: any

Furthermore, you have to change the import statement to rikulo_ui, such as:

import 'package:rikulo_ui/view.dart';

In the HTML file, you have to link the CSS file from rikulo_ui too:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
 href="packages/rikulo_ui/resource/css/default/view.css" />

If you cloned Rikulo UI's git repository, you have to switch it to the new location:

git config remote.origin.url git://
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