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I have some Javascript code to paint a bunch of stars on a <canvas> and make them twinkle as well, but my code isn't working at all.

What happens is that the stars all just start out at full opacity (save for a few which fade-in and then remain at full opacity). I don't know why the opacity isn't going back down as I thought I had programmed in the incrementOpcity() method in the Star class.

I tried to use an object to represent a star, but I'm not sure if I had implemented it correctly. I also don't know if I'm using the <canvas> context wrong.

Can anyone tell me exactly what the problem is?

The code can be found here

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The major problem is that you were drawing boxes of different opacity over each other, without removing the old box. As a result, you eventually it just looked like a singular white box showing..

You also had two bugs that I fixed up.

You can see my changes here: http://tinkerbin.com/ZfAxYXVs

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Here is an updated one.

Main problems:

  1. You need to clear the canvas and redraw your black background each frame.

  2. You were accessing the opacity variable in fillStyle, where it should be this.opacity.

  3. Your bound checking was not quite working.

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