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I have a php app that I am porting to rails. I created the database schema in my rails app, and want to import some production data into the the sqlite db for testing - some users, badges table, etc. Is there an easy way to do this from an sql file, or some other type of database dump?

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here is a little tutorial for that: frick-web.com/en/blog/… - this example shows a database import in to a new schema with mysql. – Mattherick Jul 26 '13 at 8:39
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For Sqlite, assuming you have created your tables you can use:

sqlite> .read <sqlfile.sql>

If the SQL file contains insert statements. Each statement should be end with a semi-colon.

You can use:

sqlite> .import <csvfilename.csv> <tablename>

If the CSV file is like this:

Data for Col1|Data for Col2|Data for Col3|...

or, if you want comma-separated values:

sqlite> .separator ","
sqlite> .import <csvfilename.csv> <tablename>
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