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I have a question about LL1 grammar. If we have grammar like this:

<A>::=<A> car cat | epsilon

What is the First <A> can be? Is it just epsilon? And if its just epsilon, then the language could not be LL1! I am confused...

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 First(A) = {epsilon, car}

If A is a non-terminal and A : a α is a production, then add a to First( A ). If A : epsilon is a production, then add epsilon to First( A ).

If A : α1 α2 α3 ... αm is a production, add First( α1 ) to First( A ). If α1 derives epsilon, add First( α2 ) to First( A ). If both α1 and α2 derive epsilon, add First( α3 ) to First( A ), and so on.

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