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If I have ($abc} in smarty template file, where $abc has been constructed in PHP using nowdoc syntax as,

$abc = <<<'EOT'

is there way that smarty would fist expand the $abc, AND then expand what is within $abc, i.e. expand $key as well. Right now I get the string literal $key in the output, NOT what is inside of $key.

Reason for doing this

I have some snippets that are copied all over the place. I could place these tpl snippets in files of their own, but then that leads to explosion of files. So I have a single file that contains these snippets. But then I cannot include this big common snippet file everywhere. So I ended up constructing a PHP file that has these snippets, and then use the variables at the places I need.

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You could use smarty's eval-function, but as PHP documentation says "no parsing is done inside a nowdoc".

Could you use heredoc instead?

$key = 'something';
$abc = <<<EOT

// {$abc} will print something;
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Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but have you tried to use sprintf?


$key = 'something';
$abc='there is %s here';



would print "there is something here"

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