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I have 2 types of users say UserA and UserB. In my model I have

from mongoengine import *
from django.contrib.auth import User

  fieldA = StringField()
  fieldB = StringField()

  fieldC = BooleanField()
  fieldD = BooleanField()

Does this mean that in my controller I can just call

user = ClassA()
user.fieldA = 'something'

Before I had ClassA(Document) and ClassB(Document). Or should I be inheriting both? ClassA(Document, User) ?

The reason I am asking is because I want to be able to use the authentication stuff that mongoengine has.

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Inheriting from django won't work with Mongoengine - There is a custom mongoengine User class you can use or extend: https://github.com/MongoEngine/mongoengine/blob/master/mongoengine/django/auth.py

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