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How can I view the results returned by a pipelined function in Oracle SQL Developer ?

I'm invoking the function using a simple select..from dual like

select piaa_extract.FN_PIAA_EXTRACT('01-JAN-00','01-JAN-12') FROM DUAL

and the result I get is


Allround Automations' PL/SQL developer displays the results beautifully in a tabular format, but I do not have a license for the full version of PL/SQL developer.

SQL*Plus' output isn't very good either, though better than Oracle SQL Developer's. Any thoughts ?

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Typically, you'd use

select * from table(piaa_extract.FN_PIAA_EXTRACT('01-JAN-00','01-JAN-12'))

Does that work?

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Indeed it does, thank you very much! –  Sathya Sep 24 '09 at 15:27

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