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I am using Memcached (with python-memcached binding) with one of my django projects. The scenario is that on the homepage i have:

  • A Top Bar : (This contains the links to login / User name with a link to the profile)
  • A Search Form
  • Few Blocks Of Results

Currently, I am using the cache_page() decorator to cache the whole page as follows:

def home(request):
    # View Code Goes Here

and the above is working as expected. But as the homepage is a publicly accessible page i am facing a problem with one scenario where:

  1. An anonymous user request the home page(the page get's cached if it is not already).
  2. Now the user logs in and is redirected to the homepage.
  3. The cached homepage loads (Topbar still shows a login link instead of the logged in user's Name and profile link as the page was cached before the user logged in.)


Is there a way either on template level or on view level, that lets us specify a block we DO NOT want to cache while using cache_page() decorator ?

Please Note: I am aware that we can use {% cache %} template tag or cache.set for each block in the above scenario. But i am specifically looking for a solution where we can use the cache_page() decorator and still be able to specify a block that i do not want cached in a particular view or a template

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yet it sounds as a middleware option, it affects @cache_page as well

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