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I want to set value of members of class using public_methods list. But in the code given below "className.member" will not work as ".member" is not member of ClassName class.

Is there any way in ruby to set value of members in such a way?

The code below:

  membersArray = className.public_methods
  membersArray.each {|x|
      member = x.to_s
      className.member = "some value"

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foo.bar = 1

This line is, essentially, an invocation of method bar= with argument 1.


You can call methods dynamically using send method

foo.send "bar=", 1

So, your code shall be rewritten as

className.send "#{x}=", 'some value'
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Thanks alot its working :) –  Raheel Feb 6 '13 at 6:52

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