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I am working on a form, which has some text fields and following input element:

<input class='ignore' name='photo' id='photo' type='file' accept="image/*"/>   

Also, I have scripts: jQuery, jQueryUI, jQuery validation, jQuery unobtrusive and unobtrusive-ajax. I think it is most common set of jQuery scripts.

But I have met very painful problem. This input always marked as error, after I select image there. This is true for all browser as well.

I tried to add

   ignore: ".ignore"

But this didn't help. So, I really wondered how to handle this issue...

PS. I also tried to use some kind of workaround, by adding this script instead of input element:

$("#photo-container").html("<input class='ignore' name='photo' id='photo' type='file' accept='image/*'/>   ");

but got exactly the same behavior

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There's nothing wrong with your jQuery as it stands. – Nick Feb 6 '13 at 7:10
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    $("#photo").rules("add", {
        accept: "jpg|jpeg|png|ico|bmp"
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