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I want to make simple user management. I have primefaces DataTables, when user is "ROLE_USER" I want to my DataTables not to be editable. But where user is ROLE_ADMIN I want my datatable to be editable.

I have properties in my ManagedBean

public boolean isAdmin;

When isAdmin is true I want datatable to be editable, if this is false then not editable.

I have solution but not working

<p:dataTable id="transactionTbl" var="tr"
value="#{reportParamManagedBean.reportsList}" rowKey="#{tr.id}"

I have there error

Property 'isAdmin' not found on type MyBean

Please help, how to solve the problem?

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Add getter (and setter) in your bean:

private boolean isAdmin;

public boolean isAdmin() {
 return this.isAdmin;

public void setAdmin(boolean value) {
 this.isAdmin = value;

You probably have to retrieve the value as:

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