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Oracle Text uses a variation of IDF scoring. The exact algorithm isn't documented.

In scenario the score appears to be different than the score I get when computing IDF manually

I'd like to understand how oracle computes the score, and possibly modify it.

  • Is there a methods to modify the scoring algorithm?

  • it appears the table DR$indexname$I contains the term frequency in the TOKEN_COUNT field - us this correct?

  • is the structure of the DR$ tables documented?

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You might be able to modify the scoring algorithm using a query template, e.g.:

select id from docs where CONTAINS (text,
<textquery grammar="CONTEXT" lang="english"> mustang </textquery>
<score datatype="float" algorithm="DEFAULT" normalization_expr =Ódoc_score+SDATA(price)Ó/>

Not much more info here 4.1.17 Alternative and User-defined Scoring

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