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I contructed HDFS (2 DataNodes). I stored data in datanodes of HDFS.

I want to store the data with a balancing using two datanodes. But I stored only one datanode when I used a CLI (hadoop fs -put)

Has anyone got a solution how can I store data as two separate data exactly?

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It sounds like you're asking how to set the replication factor. If you have 2 data nodes a replication factor of 2 would make sure all files are stored on both nodes. You can set this in hdfs-site.xml in you Hadoop conf directory. You want to set:


You can also run the setrep command to change the replication factor of a particular file or directory:

hadoop fs -setrep -R 2 <path>

-R of course makes it recursive.

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If your replication factor is set right and you really just want to balance out the date use:

hadoop balancer [-threshold <threshold>]

There is a lot of information on the rebalancer (in PDF) at the Hadoop documentation page.

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