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I have a interface like:

public interface MyEntity {

    //HIbernate version
    public long getOptLock();

    //these method are used to keep track of Last modified timestamp 
    public void update();

    public void persist();


Which is implemented by most of the classes in my object model. Now, i know how to show a interface realisation in a Class diagram.

The problem is since this particular interface is implemented by most of the classes it is making the class diagram cluttered. Is there a altenative way to show interface realisation?

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The alternative way is to use the lollipop notation, right above every class that implements the interface:

See this image from msdn website.

For the full article see this link.

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Okay thanks. I was under impression that lollipop notation was only for marker interface. This helps a lot. – Rohit Feb 8 '13 at 9:53

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