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I had a question which was not answered to my satisfaction through Googling etc (there is an almost solution on StackOverflow already, but not specific). I have come up with a solution, but I also wonder if there is a better way to do it, ie without the .bat file maybe?

Basically, we have a Build Server on which I am setting up CruiseControl.net. Each project is checked out and built. Within each project's "Build" folder we have a GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs file which we thought we would like to remove before checking out.

To be clear, we do NOT want a totally clean build which would clear out everything before checking out from svn (and could accordingly make use of the "cleanCopy" option in the "svn" section of the config. (The reason for this is the size of our project environment and the bandwidth impact of a fully clean build.)

So, the solution I used was to have a .bat file like so...


cd %1
del /S GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs

and then in the prebuild section, this code...


It works, so I'm happy for now. But one thing I noted is that the availability of good documentation for all the powerful stuff Cruisecontrol.net can do, is sadly lacking.

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Wasn't sure the best way to do this (as I have answered my own question in the question itself, but I would like to see other solutions if they exist).

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