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I am relatively new to the form, so sorry if I make a mistake in posting.




include 'menu.php';

$is_student = $_POST["is_student"];

//echo "<br/> student $is_student <br/>";


<title>Seat Selection</title>
<link href="xampp.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

if ($is_student == "no") {
  $student = FALSE;
  $_SESSION['student'] = FALSE;
} elseif ($is_student == "yes") {
  $student = TRUE;
  $_SESSION['student'] = TRUE;
} else {
  echo "Please select Student or Parent before making reservation.";

if ($student)
  echo "Student Reservation";
  echo "Parent Reservation";

<h2>Step 1 of 2: Select Seats</h2>


<?php if ($student) { ?>
  <form name="seats" action="confirms.php" method="POST">
<?php } else { ?>
  <form name="seats" action="confirm.php" method="POST">
<?php } ?>


        $all_seats = $fgmembersite->GetAllSeats($student); // it's a 2 dimensional array $list[row][col]
                                               // the value of which is another array with seatid and whether it's
                                               // filled or not
        $reserved_seats = $fgmembersite->GetAllReservedSeats($student);


        // merge the reserved seats into all seats
        foreach ($reserved_seats as $r => $arr) {
          //echo "R =$r <br/>";
          foreach($arr as $c => $seatid) {
             //echo "R = $r, C = $c, S = $seatid><br/>";
            $all_seats[$r][$c] = array(seatid => $seatid, filled => TRUE);

        foreach ($all_seats as $r => $c) {
          echo $r. ">";
          foreach ($c as $value) {
            if ($value['filled']) {
              echo "x";
               } else {
              echo "<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"seats[]\" value=\"$value[seatid]\"/>";
          echo "<br/>";

<input type="Submit" name="SeatsSelected" value="Select Seats">


I am trying to use the boolean value from $student to determine which confirmation page it goes to, but when I load the file the code is in (seats.php), it doesn't load. It acts like the page is missing from the web directory. Any idea what's up? This might just be my bad coding.

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There is not enough info to get idea of whats going on. From where comese $student? Its from $_POST? What does mean missing from the web directory, error 404? Please provide more details. – user133408 Feb 6 '13 at 8:10
You shoul post non-ambigious code for us to help you solve your problem . It that info is the only thing you can give were just more likey guessing ... – Kaii Feb 6 '13 at 8:11
just added the whole file. $student comes from a session variable I know is working since the echo function works. The page doesn't give a 404 error. just shows up blank. – user1276567 Feb 6 '13 at 8:13
wheres the make_reservation.php file content.. because thats suppose to be where you go when you submit the form.. – Kaii Feb 6 '13 at 8:16
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Try this :

<?php if ($student) { ?>
  <form name="seats" action="confirm.php" method="POST"> 
<?php } else { ?>
  <form name="seats" action="confirms.php" method="POST"> 
<?php } ?>
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this worked, it was a silly bracket problem. looks like i just needed an extra pair of eyes. thanks. – user1276567 Feb 6 '13 at 8:16
No dear you no need extra pair of eyes , anyone can do mistake because we are men not god. – Devang Rathod Feb 6 '13 at 8:17

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