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I am running Orbeon 4.0 Beta 2 and unable to retrieve any request or session data in my forms using proxy-portlet in Liferay.

I've tried the following elements:

xxf:get-session-attribute('myAttribute', 'text/plain')

These two methods work when I'm using the form straight from Orbeon Form Runner (http://localhost:8080/orbeon/fr/test-app/test-form/new?myParameter=foo).

I have a Tomcat servlet filter in Orbeon servlet that sets a value to 'myAttribute' in every request. The url I'm using in Liferay is http://localhost:8080/liferay/orbeon-form?myParameter=foo

Furthermore I'm having trouble getting request headers in forms using (tested in Orbeon form runner and Liferay proxy-portlet)


Here is my properties-local.xml:

 <property as="xs:anyURI" name="oxf.url-rewriting.service.base-uri" value="http://localhost:8080/orbeon"/>
    <property as="xs:string" name="oxf.fr.authentication.method" value="header"/>
    <property as="xs:string" name="oxf.fr.authentication.header.username" value="OAM_REMOTE_USER"/>
    <property as="xs:string" name="oxf.xforms.forward-submission-headers" value="OAM_REMOTE_USER"/>
    <property as="xs:string" name="oxf.http.forward-headers" value="OAM_REMOTE_USER"/>
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Orbeon Forms 4.1 has support for forwarding request parameters and headers via a configuration of the proxy portlet. This was not possible prior to 4.1. See the issue and doc.

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I need to get the browser default session information. How can I get the session information. I am running orbeon proxy portlet? The following link has my question stackoverflow.com/questions/28582667/…. Need some suggestion OR Help? –  Vinod Feb 19 at 14:42

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