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I use this code below, to mark a specific column 'area' as dirty.

    $("#list4").jqGrid("setCell", rowId ,'area' ,'', "dirty-cell" );  

and i want to retrieve this row marked as dirty using code below:

var retCol = $('#list4').getChangedCells('dirty');

I am not able to retrieve this modified row using getChangedCells('dirty');

however if i use hard coded value like below

$("#list4").jqGrid("setCell", rowId ,'area' ,'200', "dirty-cell" );  

i can see this changed value in jqGrid but i am still not able to retrieve this row using


Any help would be highly appreciable


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//With the help i got from Oleg, it works like i wanted.. 

    var $grid = $("#list4");
    $("#" + $.jgrid.jqID(rowId)).addClass("edited");
    $grid.jqGrid("setCell", rowId, "area", "", "dirty-cell");
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