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My website is registered through godaddy. The site is hosted on I followed all the instructions to configure the dns in godaddy account.

Currently the dns settings are:

A record: ....... ....... ....... .......

and the CNAME settings are:

www ................... @

I also had tried earlier setting the www in CNAME to

My problem is that I am not able to access the website when 'www' is not prefixed. i.e. it works with but not with

The error image is given below when www is not used.

enter image description here

What changes do I need to do in dns configs inorder to make it work correctly. None of the google answers seems to help.

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The DNS looks to be correct- how are you doing the web-forwarding to –  Marc Wilson Feb 6 '13 at 10:52

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I was facing same problem. In domain setting in bloggers their provide link to redirect. See attached image :

Blogger setting image

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Try contacting GoDaddy. I have had this same problem and I e-mailed them requesting for them to look at my DNS settings and see what the problem is. They e-mailed back and they (Joe M.) corrected the errors they'd found on my DNS settings (such as A records pointing to different IP address, etc).

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where to contact them? –  Dibin Feb 22 '13 at 6:06
Are you using Google Apps? If you're using GApps, e-mail gdomains @ with your problem and specifically ask them to look into your DNS. They would answer quickly, [ or within 24 hours ]. Their info can be found on the Advanced DNS Settings in Google Apps:… [ of course, changing with your real domain name ] –  chest_nut Feb 23 '13 at 1:42
Alternatively, you could follow below steps which solves this problem, for sure, here :… –  Snehal Masne Jul 9 '14 at 9:12

I had the same problem.Got into talks with the official google person and got it sorted after a long discusion.

You will have to redo it via Google Apps.You will have to enable a redirect.

1.Go to Google Apps and sign in to domain management.

2.Then click on domain settings.

3.Then click on domain Names.

4.Then Click on words highlighted to set a redirect via google apps and you should see it done within 3 hours or MAX 2 DAYS(though it usually does not take more than a day in the rarest case).Just follow the simple english instructions there and you should see it done.
Feel free to message me back if it does not work.

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There is no problem with name server or dns management.. problem is in blogger configuration

Step1 while setting ur custom domain to blogger didnt check that box . Step 2 simply check that box n happy blogging

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