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I have to integrate a signal in a range that I decide.

I have used this method:

def integrand(x,y):
    return y[x]


y is an array of 2500 points in 500microsec. For example t0 is 700 and t1 is 1500. 0.2E-6 is the step between two value of the signal.

Is it correct?

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Not really. To integrate a sampled function you can use scipy.integrate.simps or scipy.integrate.trapz:

result_simps = scipy.integrate.simps(y[t0:t1+1], dx=0.2E-6)
result_trapz = scipy.integrate.trapz(y[t0:t1+1], dx=0.2E-6)
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when to use which? –  Sibbs Gambling Aug 2 '13 at 6:14

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