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I want to fetch all the bookmarks in my Word document, and then push them to an array. The bookmarks must be sorted by their location in document not by name.

ex. here's a list of bookmarks in a document,

[bm_s]  (header)
[bm_h]  (title)
[bm_a]  (footer)

I want the bookmarks to keep their order so that the array will look like as following,

array {bm_s, bm_h, bm_a, }

ex. how it should not look like below,

array {bm_a, bm_h, bm_s, }

I got the fetching of all the bookmarks from document working. I get all the bookmarks in random order when fetching and pushing to the array.

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Oki, so i figured it out,

Here's how its done if someone else is interested in fetching all of the bookmarks with respect to its location on document.

Dim objDoc As Document
Set objDoc = ActiveDocument

For i = 1 To objDoc.Bookmarks.Count
Debug.Print objDoc.Range.Bookmarks(i) 'here you can change the code to push the bookmarks in an array
Next i
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Oki, so i think i might have jumped to conclusion too early, this code does in fact fetch every bookmark in document, but except for the bookmarks in the headers and footers. –  Mana Feb 6 '13 at 11:08
+1 I didn't know the solution you provided. Nice one. –  KazimierzJawor May 8 '14 at 16:16

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