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I'm looking to create a card game using HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript, and I want to know what Canvas tools could make my life easier.

I've found CreateJS and taken some notes on it:

  • Suite of libraries/tools for simplifying complex interactions with HTML5/CSS/JS
    • EaselJS - Abstraction layer on top of HTML5 Canvas
    • SoundJS - Abstraction layer for HTML5 Audio
    • TweenJS - Library for animating HTML5 and CSS properties (cool easing demo)
    • PreloadJS - Library for preloading assets (JS, images, sounds, data, etc.)
  • Documentation seems thorough
  • Lots of demos; no Getting Started Guide/Tutorial to be found
  • Free and open-source (sponsored by Adobe and Microsoft)

What other tools/engines would be useful for making card games for the browser?

Bonus points for tools/frameworks that would help me outside of HTML5 Canvas. I'm using Node.js on the backend, and planning on using Socket.IO/Express/MongoDB, since that's what I know.

Note: I've collected some notes on game engines/tools (including the CreateJS notes above) in this Google Doc. Feel free to add your points to this doc.

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+1 for use Node.js in a context that make sense ;) – Tom Sarduy Feb 6 '13 at 9:25
Having worked with Node.js for just over a year, I can vouch for the truth in the "law of the instrument": "if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." – Aaron Feb 6 '13 at 9:49
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Maybe you want to check this list, but seems like you are missing a couple of sprite based canvas libraries:

Also I can recommend jaws, because I have used in an online casino game (bingo) with good results. They described as:

Easy and robust game state system to switch between menus, play, high score lists and settings

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