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I'm trying to set the canvas height via the Deezer JS sdk.

I'm using the following code:

DZ.ready(function() {
    DZ.deezer.setCanvasSize(1400); // no problem, DZ.deezer.setCanvasSize is existent

The problem is, that the setCanvasSize function uses a reference to an object called "app". app seems to be in context of the deezer page (but my app is run in its own iframe). When I try to call the code in the JS console of my chrome browser it works as expected.

But when I run the code from my app the following error is throwen:

app is not defined dz.js:60
ReferenceError: app is not defined
     at Object.DZ.deezer.setCanvasSize (
     at eval (eval at <anonymous> (, <anonymous>:827:15)
     at Object.DZ.Event.resolve (
     at Array.2 (
     at Object.DZ.Event.triggerEvent (
     at Object.DZ.player.onLoad (
     at DZ.onDeezerLoaded (
     at DZ.communication.receive ( 

Any idea on how to fix that?

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You should use the DZ.canvas object instead of DZ.deezer as follows:

// Set inApp size

And if you want to set dynamically the size use (with jQuery loaded):

// Set inApp size
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You're right. The documentation was updated when I contacted them. – schlingel May 11 '13 at 16:36

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