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I have a @SessionScoped ApplicationBean for storing user login info and injecting it into other managed beans successfully as told here.

I also use my Dao interfaces by @ManagedProperty annotation but I feel something wrong with my usage.

Assume that there is as StockDao that has a public method listStocks(String companyCode) and companyCode is stored in the ApplicationBean when user logins.

So my managed bean is calling the DAO layer like this

@ManagedProperty(value = "#{appBean}")
ApplicationBean appBean;

public void getStockList() {    
    return stockDao.listStocks(appBean.getCompanyCode());       

This repeats everywhere where the sql needs companyCode.

I feel that it would be better if my DAO layer had known companyCode (which means injecting ApplicationBean into DAOs) and I should use my methods like below

public void getStockList() {    
    return stockDao.listStocks();       

So the question is, which API design would be better and if you vote for the second, how can I inject @SessionScoped beans into DAO layer?

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For me 1st approach is much cleaner , i dont want to tie DAO layer with the session managed bean.

I keep my general artifacts especially daos and data models packaged as a seperate Jar , without any external dependencies This way i could use the same without any modifications be it a Web App , Stand Alone or in an EJB

This keeps your Dao independent of how/where the Company Code is fetched from

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You do not use session variables in the DAO layer. Lack of business logic and user interface matters is exactly what makes it DAO: a layer responsible just for abstracting data access.

If you add session-dependent state, you will turn your DAO layer into DAAMUIS layer (the ubiquitous Data Access And Miscellaneous User Interface Stuff layer). I am not saying that DAAMUIS is wrong or evil, just that the question needs rephrasing.

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