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I am trying to resize a given JCR image resource and store it as a new rendition. The use case is to generate thumbnails in "any" scale.

I wanted to use the, but this it is not available in the project, i am working on.

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I found a quite low level approach, to resize an image identified by jcrPathToImage to int targetWidth and int targetHeight.

  1. Resize Image

    Resource resource = getResourceResolver().getResource(jcrPathToImage);
    Asset asset = resource.adaptTo(Asset.class);
    Layer layer = new Layer(asset.getOriginal().getStream())
    layer.resize(targetWidth, targetHeight);
  2. Create new rendition in JCR

    Extract mime type of the original image

    Image image = new Image(resource);
    String mimeType = image.getMimeType();

    Store the resized Image using its asset representation.

    ByteArrayOutputStream bout = null;
    ByteArrayInputStream bin = null;
    try {
        bout = new ByteArrayOutputStream(2048);
        layer.write(mimeType, 1, bout);
        bin = new ByteArrayInputStream(bout.toByteArray());
        asset.addRendition(resizedImgName, bin, mimeType);
    } finally {
        // close streams ...               
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you can configure the DAM Update Asset workflow to give the renditions you want to get created


in this workflow model select the thumbnail creation step and in the process tab of that step you can add your custom thumbnail values


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