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I have code that looks like this

<div id="content">



I need to select all "p" elements before "p" that contains child "iframe", I tried something like this


but with no luck.

I am stuck here for a few days so any help would be great.

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Your XPath logic was actually fine! You just have a few typos it appears.


You also don't need the extra / after the div block. Here's the full working xpath:

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Thanx for the reply, I have fixed the typo but for some reason I still can not get it to wrok, could be it is some other problem tahan just the selectors. Code I wrote in a qustion is just aproctimation of the whole code but I thoght that I am using slectors the wrong way. I actualy have more than one p with iframe in this div and I tried to to append p[iframe and position() = 2] but that is not working ither. Maby I`ll post bigger part of code later –  Siva Lutalica Feb 7 '13 at 11:09

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