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I have a checkbox inside a table cell and I want to check it when I click on my cell (not only when I click on checkbox).

I'm using this code:

$('.check_it').click( function () {
    if ($(this).find('.my_checkbox_class').is(':checked')) {
    else {
        $(this).find('.my_checkbox_class').attr('checked', 'checked');

It works fine, but when I'm clicking on my checkbox, this event gets fired too and my checked_counter variable gets wrong value - can someone tell me how to fix it? I want to check checkbox by clicking it and by clicking it's table cell.

Edit, here is my html:

<td class="check_it"><input type="checkbox" class="my_checkbox_class" /></td>
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can you post your html? – Prashant16 Feb 6 '13 at 10:22
Out of curiosity, why is it necessary for you to keep a checked_counter? The checked property of the element itself can provide you with that information... – nbrooks Feb 6 '13 at 10:37
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Should do the trick. This stops the event from bubbling up so it doesn't reach the td and only the checkbox default behavior gets executed.

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Click events are propagated up the DOM tree to parent elements. When you click on the checkbox, it therefore also triggers the event on the <td>. You can get around this by catching the event at the checkbox and stopping propagation there (which adds a second event handler, and may also break other functionality relying on the event bubbling).

The alternative method, which I recommend, is checking the origin of the event before doing your toggling, within the same handler. This makes use of the jQuery event object's target property.

    if ( $('[type="checkbox"]') ) return;

    var $chkBox = $(this).find('.my_checkbox_class');
    var state = $':checked');
    checked_counter += (state ? -1 : 1);
    $chkBox.prop('checked', !state);

Note, I also refactored your original click handler, since all your are really doing is toggling the state of the checkbox (for which you should use prop). This replaces your current handler, it is not in addition to is.

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use $(".my_checkbox_class").click(function() {}

as per your code $('check_it').click(function() {} this may have chechbox as well as row details so that this function is calling on both cases this leads wring behavior.

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