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Is there any possibility to create an enum A which inherits properties of enum B and additionally provides possibility to extend elements?


Enum A
- one
- two
- three

Enum B:A
- four
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No, it is not possible. Base Enums do not support inheritance.

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You can't, but if you manually create two base enums, the second with same labels and values of the first one, you can virtually "down cast" them on runtime like if they were inherited, this way (simulated code):

BaseEnum1 e1 = 0 Blank, 1 First, 2 Second
BaseEnum2 e2 = 0 Blank, 1 First, 2 Second, 3 Third

e1 = BaseEnum1::First;
e2 = e1; // e2 = BaseEnum1::First as equals assigns the integer value

e2 = BaseEnum2::Third;
e1 = e2; // ERROR! Value 3 doesn't exists on BaseEnum1

Hope this helps.

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